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We have a brand new addition the the Hemp Rescue family! Proudly, we introduce our 1000mg ENERGY + Blend.

This particular Tincture contains 20% more of Cannabinoid Acids. These incredible compounds can create a naturally stimulating effect for the body and are highly-charged with therapeutic benefits.

Acids are the form that CBD takes before it becomes CBD. They are widely available in the Hemp plant but nobody has thought to use all of them until now!

Best use of this new product is mornings when you can truly appreciate the effect, which by the way has no crash!

Also great for working out as the physical and mental boost couples well with the anti-inflammatory effect.

If you’re interested in using Hemp Rescue, all of our products can be found at The House of Nutrition located at:

5824 6th Avenue
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Feel free to ask questions or take a look at the Hemp Rescue testing sheets which affirm our CBD Oil as safe and containing everything that is stated on our labels!