How is it made?

Side Effects

Hemp Rescue’s CBD products are made in 6 main steps that are done over the course of our growing season.


Step One

The lifecycle of your Hemp Rescue Tincture begins at our Farm, with our Proprietary Hemp Genetics. While our process is proprietary, we can tell you a small amount about our methods of preparing Hemp for growing. Through our 20+ years in the Cannabis Industry and 5 in the CBD world, we have developed our own Hemp Genetics that express exceptional compounds and terpenes that make up the integrity of our Oil.

Step Two

We the cultivate our Hemp using sustainable and organic methods. We use proprietary organic, non-GMO Nutrient Programs to maximize our plants’ positive qualities. We never use pesticides or herbicides, and at no point during our cultivation will our plants be exposed to such.

Step Three

From here, we begin harvesting and curing. This usually takes place as summer comes to an end and fall begins. At harvest, plants are placed by hand to cure (dry) in an effort to retain all beneficial compounds within. We then package and store our dried plant material to maximize its’ quality over time and lock in these positive compounds.

Step Four

Finally, we move on to extraction! To ensure the quality of our product, we extract in smaller more manageable batches, that way we can more closely monitor the progress of our Hemp. We use a proprietary process that effectively converts our Hemp Plant into a usable oil for our customers.

Step Five

The journey is not over! We now enter our testing and compliance phase, one of the most important sections of our Hemps’ lifecycle. Though we are constantly testing and monitoring our product all year, now we check for the umpteenth time that our CBD Oil meets the strict standards of less than .3% THC. Our products are also tested for heavy metals, E.Coli, and other contaminants such as pesticides so that we may guarantee a completely safe, pure, and effective organic product.

Step Six

Finally, our hemp extract is formulated into its final form with MCT Coconut oil in our commercial kitchens. These formulations lock in the positive effects of our hemp and maximize their ability to work with the body!