The Best in Hemp

Full Spectrum

Hemp Rescue, Best in Hemp

Of the three main types of Hemp Extract, we already know Full Spectrum to be the best and strongest. 

Isolate, with only uses one molecule will fall off in efficacy after a short time. 
Broad Spectrum, which omits THC and other crucial cannabinoids is simply not great in the long run and definitely not the best bang for your buck.
Full Spectrum contains all naturally occuring cannabinoids, and the Hemp Rescue Brand goes above and beyond with even more cannabinoids that most other products.

Filled with Rare Compounds

The team behind the creation of Hemp Rescue has discovered rare and powerful cannabinoids that nobody else is using. Difficult to produce naturally, Hemp Rescue now contains CBE, CBL, and CBT that nobody else is making use of. 

Terpenes and Cannabinoids

Hemp Rescue currently boasts the highest Terpene to Cannabinoid Ratio in the industry.  Terpenes, the true drivers of Bioavailability allow MORE of the plant to have therapeutic benefit.

Ultra Energy +

Our Ultra energy + formula has 20% more Cannabinoid Acids such as CBGA, CBDA, CBCA, and others.   These create a powerful naturally stimulating effect and are great to use in the morning or for working out!

Rich in Omegas

Hemp Rescue possesses Omega 3, 6, and 9 Oils, which are integral to your body’s well being.

Numerous Cannabinoids

Hemp Rescue contains not only CBD, but 10 other POWERFUL cannabinoids that make our entourage effect one of the strongest you can find.

Hemp Rescue’s Full-Spectrum method uses all naturally occurring parts of the plant and creates an overall stronger product than the isolates and distillates on the market.