The Hemp Rescue Line

Full Product Line

At Hemp Rescue, we strive to make available a full range of products to better aid the people who come to us for aid.

Our CBD Oil comes in 5 tinctures of differing strength, each one shown by the number on the center of our label. In addition to our super-popular Tinctures, we also offer a variety of other Hemp Products.


This is the lowest dose of Hemp Rescue available with a reasonable 8.3mg per Serving (.5ml).
Mostly used by those who are sensitive to the stronger blends, this level is still excellent for children and pets who are dealing with Anxiety, Inflammation, or other pains.


The second level of Hemp Rescue and often the entry point for most adults. Our 1000mg Tincture contains 16.6mg of Cannabinoids per .5ml serving. With our NEW blend that contains higher cannabinoids and terpenes you’ll be able to experience therapeutic effects like never before!

1500mg Clinical Strength

The 1500mg Tincture is the start of our CLINICAL STRENGTH level of products. Recommended by medical professionals, our 1500mg contains 25mg cannabinoids per .5ml serving.

We suggest this as a starting point for anybody with an illness, as this will most certainly help you feel the effects of Hemp Extract in full.

3000mg Clinical Strength

  • Strongest level of Hemp Rescue CBD Oil.
  • For serious illness such as Epilepsy, Seizures, or neurodegenerative issues such as Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons.

*NEW 1000mg ENERGY +

Our newest and most highly anticipated product is our 1000mg ENERGY + blend. With 20% more Cannabinoid Acids, this high-energy product will provide a powerful naturally stimulating effect. Superb for anybody who needs energy in the mornings or for a workout.

Possesses all the same effects of our 1000mg tincture that you’ve come to know and love, with a noticeable “Bite” congruous with the feeling of High-Energy.

500mg Body Cream

Hemp Rescue offers a 500mg Body Cream contained in a 4oz Glass Jar. Boosted by the power of Sandalwood, Clary Sage, and Lavendar essential Oils, this Body Cream is sure to work IN MINUTES. 

Pick some up for all your joint and muscle aches.

250mg Salve

Our highly concentrated 500mg Salve, in a 2oz Glass Jar. Excellent for use on the surface of your skin, with the best effects being for those with cuts, scrapes, or dermatitis.


Higher Grades of ENERGY +