Improving Hemp Rescue’s Effects

We always talk about Bioavailability of our CBD Oil. This term refers to how much of the Oil is actually getting into your body and being used.

For example, if someone takes 33.3mg of our Hemp Rescue Oil and the Bioavailability is 35%, then they are only receiving 11.6mg of CBD. However, if this proved effective for them then this was how much they needed to use anyway.

Because of the fact that your body can only use so much, having more bioavailability is not always better, but rather having a more complete product that nourishes your body in more ways than one.

That said, “According to a study conducted by the University of Nottingham, fatty acids and medium to long-chain triglycerides increase bio-availability the best. These foods, firstly, act as binding agents. The CBD is able to attach to them. The fats are metabolized into energy and they take the CBD along with it. This means that the CBD can then avoid being reduced by first metabolism. They are burned with these fats for immediate use. When CBD was used simultaneously with these foods, bio-availability increased by four times as much.”

So what this research seems to suggest, is that a High-Fat food combined with the use of CBD will allow it to be used much faster than normal. When you use a high quality oil as well as a high-fat snack, the amount of CBD you’ll receive should be much higher.

Using this information, it should be possible to use even lower bioavailability products such as Capsules with a greater effect.

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