Why You Should Choose HEMP RESCUE for your CBD Oil Products

Healing Power

What is CBD?

CBD Oil, or Hemp Extract as it is also known, is an…
Completely Natural

How do I take it?

Dosing Hemp Rescue CBD Oil is made in multiple different levels of…
Full Spectrum

The Best Type

Is there a best CBD Oil? There are 2 main types of…
Full Product Line

The Hemp Rescue Line

At Hemp Rescue, we strive to make available a full range of…
Side Effects

How is it made?

Hemp Rescue's CBD products are made in 6 main steps that are…
Our Price

Our Price

Our desire is to help society. We strive to do this not…

Latest News

Improving Hemp Rescue’s Effects

We always talk about Bioavailability of our CBD Oil. This term refers to how much of the Oil is actually getting into your body and being used. For example, if someone takes 33.3mg of our Hemp Rescue Oil and the […]

CBD Mojito at The Buzz!

Hemp Rescue has teamed up with The Buzz to bring you a refreshing new drink! Try out the Non-Alcoholic CBD Mohito made with fresh mint, premium coconut milk and a serving of our Hemp Rescue CBD Oil. The Buzz is […]

New Elderberry Kombucha!

The House of Nutrition is now offering a new way to get Hemp Rescue with the delicious taste and amazing benefits of Kombucha! Introducing the Elderberry Flavor of Infused CBD Kombucha! Also available are the great flavors of: Jasmine Rosehip […]

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